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Video Game Reviews
 What the Heck is review_bunnies?
 Review_Bunnies is the brainchild of sailorvfan10 and sarajayechan where members can share video game reviews and editorials for fun and extra Dork Factor.

 What Video Games Can We Submit Reviews For?
 Whatever video game you wanna write one for, obviously. Not everyone's played Pokemon Diamond or Fire Emblem: Akatsuki no Megami or even something as simple and fun as Resident Evil 4. If you love a video game and want to share your opinion with us, go on and post it!

 Guidelines & Posting Format
 No community would be complete without rules/guidelines. They're really simple, of course, and easy to follow. They're subject to change, but we'll make an announcement about it.


  • Be subjective-objective in your review. What that means is that you shouldn't add a complete bias into it; keep it somewhat objective, but express what you liked and what needed work. However, don't say something could never work and that anything with this mechanic or whatever will never sell. What you might dislike in a game is what another person might like in theirs. You can, for example, put that you thought the gameplay was lacking, but you can't say you absolutely thought the form of gameplay sucked. Just because it didn't work for that game, doesn't mean it won't work for other ones.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling! If you've noticed, professionally published reviews have been edited and proofread--there are no typos to speak of. Yours should be the same quality. Use spellcheck or have someone else look over it if necessary. If you put something ridden with errors into a newspaper, people would probably wonder if you got passed first grade English. Your writing is the biggest impression we get of you on the community, so make it a good one!
  • Attitude, attitude, attitude. Please do not be rude to the other members. Remember, a game could have several reviews, but they might not all positive. People's tastes in video games are as subjective as their taste in food, music, and clothing--it might not be like yours. Would you want someone telling you your opinion is wrong because it contradicts theirs? If the answer is no, chances are, many people would answer the same as you.
  • Give it a grade! Many people score different aspects of the game using a numbering system. Nintendo Power, for example, uses a numbering system from 1 to 10, and it's for the game's overall rating. Some magazines break it down into gameplay, music, etc. Some use a 1-5 star system. We at Review Bunnies, however, prefer the use of the 1-5 star system on the overall game rating.

Posting Format

<B>Name of the Game:</B>
<B>Year It Was Published:</B>
<B>ESRB Rating:</B>
<B>Review by:</B>

Review goes here.

 The Moderators, Contact Info, etc.
 The Moderators:
 - Jayden und Verwelkt
Email: roysmyboy217@gmail.com
AIM: roysmyboy217, countofpoisons
sarajayechan - Sara Jaye-und Verwelkt

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